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On this page you can download two watoo watoo records: Un peu de moi, our 1st ep (released in November 1997) and Curiosités?, our 1st lp, released in early 2000.

The Cds were released by Blackbean & Placenta and they are now sold out. We decided to put them on the web, so that everyone can listen to the songs & hopefully enjoy them. Un Peu de Moi is encoded as mp3, 128 Kbps, which means not too bad quality. Curiosités is encoded at 145 Kbps (variable), it's better. To save the songs on your hard-disk, you may have to right click & select "save as."
Note: these songs are free, but it would be nice to if you download them.
We have more Watoo Watoo mp3 to download. They're more recent, &, in my opinion, quite better.

Curiosités ? is a compilation of covers, rare recordings & other strange things. Some songs were released before on some comps, some others not. I still like it, but I think we did much better since then.

Tuesdays Secrets

It's a cover of a Felt b-side, which was (& still is) a very strong influence. I think this version sounds more like Felt than the original!


I wanted to sound like Saint-Etienne but in the end it reminds me of the Cure.

Picture Of A Lost Friend

First song I wrote & recorded! I did a noisy pop version in the summer 1993 but this version was recorded 3 years later, & it's more on the Young marble Giant minimalist side. & there's a real oboe, sunk in reverb because it was out of tune. The title sums up well the lyrics.

Rainy Afternoon

Pascale asked me to write her a jazz song but I did this one -sounds more like the Kinks or Blur, I guess. But we were happy with the results. It's quite autobiographical (for once) about me going back to the suburbs where I grew up (Sarcelles, 15km north of Paris).

Gold Mine

I recorded an indiepop version of this song with Mumbly, my other band. I wanted the WW version to be different (ie, loungy/bossa). The lyrics & the guitar chords are the greatest tribute to Felt ever!

Mistery Blues, Pt 1

I had fun making 2 short instrumental acid/techno tunes with Rebirth. Yet this still sounds pop, I think. The title is a reference to Felt & to the Damned.

La Fuite En Arrière

A fast, typical Watoo Watoo indiepop tune. It's about a girl who doesn't want to believe to what's really happened last summer & who prefers to live in the past.

Raccrochez, C'est Une Horreur

A Serge Gainsbourg / Jane Birkin cover. It's about a pervert calling a young girl at night & masturbating over the phone. The girl asks him to stop bugging her but he doesn't care. I did the male vocals!

The Midnight Song, Pt 1

Oooops, I don't like this song anymore, please don't donwload it! It's boring, badly played & sung.

Bass Drum

The only Watoo Watoo song with real drums, although there's no bass drum. It's fast.

I'm Not Always So Stupid

A cover of a Wedding Present song. The lyrics are fantastic & so sad. We did a bossa nova, the original is quite fast so there was no sense to make a classic indiepop version.

Mistery Blues, Pt 2

I had fun making 2 short instrumental acid/techno tunes with Rebirth. Yet this still sounds pop, I think. The title is a reference to Felt & to the Damned.


Un Peu de Moi is the 1st Watoo Watoo record. It was released in November 1997. This was Watoo Watoo playing an orthodox indiepop; songs were fast, jangly, simple. We extensively used clean electric guitar sounds & a Farfisa organ. The songs were recorded quickly & the sound was not very good.
Watoo Watoo is now different, the music can sometimes still be seen as indiepop, but we now add some jazz, chanson, bossa & electronics touches to our music.

Sur le quai

It was intended to sound like the Pixies, but it doesn't

L'appareil à sous

This is an indie pop cover of a Serge Gainsbourg's song, recorded with Gypsophile

Les reflets

A very simple, Felt sound alike, upbeat & farfisa filled song. We still love it & play it live (when we do)

Un peu de moi

It is still one of our favorites songs. I just love the Feelies!

For awhile

This one is more atmospheric

Dans l'ombre

A very pop song, in which Pascale helped me play the organ

The midnight song, part II

The fastest song on this CD, one of Mr Bailey's favorite

L'espace d'un instant

Too many chords to play this one live ;-) More pop than indiepop & on the Smiths side, I guess

Les reflets (version aquatique)

Short a capella version of Les reflets 


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