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Some bands/people that we have played with
is perhaps the strangest band we have played with (I have produced on of their Cd, played on a couple of songs, we have made a few covers songs together & Guillaume has played guitar on lots of our songs).
I would never have thought that one day, we'd work with Spike who used to play in Weekend in the early 80s; he has played on a WW song (actually, a Young Marble Giants cover) & I have written lyrics that Pascale has sung on 2 of his new songs. Here are some Weekend videos.
Daino is a friend; he has bad taste but he can be a great guitar player when he doesn't play like a guitar hero -he plays the-not-guitar-hero on "Ne pas croire".
Anthony Rochester makes good music & he played acoustic guitar on one of our songs.
Didier Duclos, who used to play in the band Christine, has played guitar on dozens of Watoo Watoo songs. Alas, he has no website so there is no link.
Remi Boos has played some great jazzy piano solos on several of our songs.
Martial Geoffre is a bassist but he has played guitar with us in concerts & in a few songs. He's also an interactive designer.

Some labels that we have worked with
Clover Records: the best Japanese label? They released the japanese version of our cd "le fumalin"
Letterbox Records is a great British indiepop label that released our latest album, "la fuite"
Radio Khartoum
released our 2nd cd, some Gypsophile & Cessna records & much more.
Elefant, an excellent Spanish label

Highly recommandable zines & more
Ad's Indiepop Link (LOTS of Cool links)
Indiepages Lots of indiepop things to read & listen
Modular is an incredibly good e.zine -& it looks beautiful
Popingay (nice people, nice idea)
Popnews is an interesting & good looking e-zine
TweeNet Europe Home, if you want to know more about Indiepop (contains valuable informations about Heavenly, Sarah Records, & on the indiepop list... This is the Cathedral of IndiePop)

Other arts

Everything about
Cubase, the software we use to make music

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